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Ethics-first network that welcomes sustainability-centered developers, validators and open source contributors as well as Muslim innovators in sustainable Finance.

Islamic Coin is a native currency of HAQQ Network.

About HAQQ

HAQQ brings together the most reputable actors of Ethical finance in order to promote community-driven decentralized technologies worldwide.HAQQ is an EVM-equivalent chain, based on Cosmos SDK. The technology behind HAQQ makes it possible for any smart contract created on other EVM chains to be deployed onto the new network without any changes needed.
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Crypto has lost its path – grid-driven practices in crypto prevent mass adoption. HAQQ's mission is to make Web3 projects accessible to everyone.


HAQQ is balancing Shariah-compliant philosophy and cutting edge technology to create a fairer, more sustainable financial system. Muslims and ESG powered change throughout the world and HAQQ is leading it.

1.9 Billion Muslims

worldwide and ESG change

35 trillion dollars

used for ethics-driven innovation

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Work and build on HAQQ, and be part of tomorrow’s future - today. Bring your vision to life and develop solutions that benefit users and the world as a whole. Support the network and HAQQ’s ethics-first and Shariah-compliant innovation.

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