HAQQ Partners Liberty Finance to Launch Firoza Finance
HAQQ Partners Liberty Finance to Launch Firoza Finance

HAQQ Partners Liberty Finance to Launch Firoza Finance

TL;DR: HAQQ partners with Liberty Finance to introduce Firoza Finance, an innovative microfinancing platform aimed at reshaping private credit solutions within DeFi. Firoza Finance bridges traditional finance with decentralized technologies, offering transparent and Shariah-compliant financial services globally. By prioritizing underserved populations and using scalable risk assessment, Firoza Finance empowers users with diverse investment opportunities while upholding ethical standards. The platform sets a new standard for ethical finance in DeFi and is kickstarting with three pilot funds to highlight its commitment to transparency and inclusivity.

HAQQ is pleased to announce we have partnered with Liberty Finance to launch Firoza Finance, an innovative platform set to redefine private credit solutions in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space.

This collaboration combines Liberty Finance's expertise in financial services and technology with HAQQ Network's robust blockchain infrastructure to introduce a platform designed to democratize access to transparent and Shariah-compliant financial services on a global scale.

Firoza Finance addresses a critical need in both traditional and Islamic finance markets by offering the first blockchain-based private credit solution. By seamlessly integrating Shariah-compliant financing pools for investments and loans, Firoza provides users with a trusted platform to manage their finances in accordance with their faith

Firoza Finance enables underserved populations to access transparent and Shariah-compliant financial services by leveraging microfinancing loan models, bridging the gap between traditional finance and decentralized technologies. Furthermore, Firoza's model is built to scale risk evaluation and execution making it ideal for larger private credit facilitators looking to collaborate for larger commercial investments.

Through this partnership, HAQQ's ecosystem users gain access to a diverse range of private credit investment opportunities, allowing them to diversify their portfolios while adhering to ethical and religious values. The introduction of Firoza Finance reinforces HAQQ's commitment to ethical finance, enhancing the integrity and transparency of our ecosystem.

The platform is hitting the ground running with the introduction of three pilot funds directed at diverse sectors and geographies:

  • Chromium Concentrate Supply Financing - aimed at bridging finance for the supply of chromium and other minerals in Africa.
  • Trade Receivables Funding - aimed at tokenized Halal invoice financing for Muslim-owned businesses in Hong Kong.
  • Brazil Farming Expansion - aimed at farming investment and growth to raise funds for expansion and sustainability.

The launch of Firoza Finance raises industry standards in DeFi, with emphasis on transparency, integrity, and inclusivity in financial services. HAQQ's partnership with Liberty Finance paves the way for further collaboration and innovation within the DeFi landscape to drive advancements that benefit users and communities. As we embark on this rewarding journey, we invite stakeholders to join us in shaping the future of ethical finance.

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